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Kleenrr Communications Policy

Here at Kleenrr we believe communication is paramount in us bringing you the best service possible.  Below are some of the best ways to get a hold of us.  We ask that our customers rely on these means of reaching us and not sharing their personal information with our cleaners.  We ask the same of our cleaners.  Our cleaners' jobs are to provide you with the best cleanings possible, we do not want them to worry about scheduling changes and other details that should be communicated to the Kleenrr leadership team.  Whenever in doubt use the methods of communication below and we will be more than happy to answer!


The following emails are available to you and we will respond as soon as possible. 

​Customer Service:



815-214-1443: Hours available 9am -4pm central


Utilize the webchat feature on our website at any time and we will respond as soon as possible.

Jobber Messaging:

(209) 528-0311: You can simply reply to your automated messages that you receive for your scheduled appointments.

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