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Choosing the Right Cleaning Service for your Business

Your business is one of your top priorities, and presentation is highly important to your customers! To ensure your customer has a great experience at your establishment and returns for more products/services, it’s essential for a successful business to value cleanliness. Outside of general aesthetics, one of the first things noted by a customer is the overall cleanliness of a business.

How do you get started in finding the right cleaning service? You have to ask them the right questions!


Oftentimes a cleaning service arrives when the business is closed to reset for the next day or week. This way they are out of the way of staff and customers while they clean. Find out if the service provides background checks, as well as drug testing for their cleaning technicians for peace of mind.


How does the cleaning service plan to provide adequate coverage at your business? It is common that people get sick or have emergencies, but it is also important that services continue to be rendered. Will they have additional staff trained at your business and available to step in?

Proper Licensing, Bonds, and Liability Insurance

Not only should a cleaning service have proof of licenses and bonds to legally operate, but they should also carry their own commercial liability insurance to protect themselves along with your business. Most importantly, they should be able to provide these items as proof to you.

Open Communication

It is important as a customer to the cleaning service that you can effectively communicate with the owner or manager and even the technicians to ensure your priorities are met. Take notice as you are reaching out to the company how quickly do they respond? Will they listen to your concerns and prioritize completing your goals?

Quality of Service

A cleaning service should take pride in giving their customers a high quality of service. Cleaning technicians should understand the focus areas, where customers and staff frequent, and take extra care to make sure these areas are well kept. Will they be able to perform extra tasks to make sure the focus area or frequented areas are properly cleaned?

We at Kleenrr have strong values of making sure we provide our customers with quality service at every visit! Whether you are interested in a single time, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly cleaning, you can trust that we will have your business looking as good as new. Call us today at (815) 214-1443 to schedule a free estimate!

-Michelle Wilson

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