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Creating a Cleaning Schedule

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the amount of cleaning your home needs and lack the time to accomplish it all in one day? One way to ease the stress of keeping up with your home’s cleaning is to create a weekly to bi-weekly cleaning schedule! Even spending 15 minutes a day cleaning a specific room or area can reduce the burden of trying to keep up on your home’s cleanliness.

First, consider your own life schedule. Do you have to pick up the kids late after soccer practice on Thursdays or tend to work late on Tuesdays? On your busy days select easy cleaning areas or only general upkeep. Prioritize what you would enjoy the most, like clean bedding for the weekend or clean floors to start off the week days.

Below is an example schedule that you can use!

Example Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Monday: Clean and disinfect bathroom(s)

Tuesday: General upkeep and surface dusting

Wednesday: Deep clean kitchen (scrub sink basin, clean stovetop and microwave, etc)

Thursday: Clean/tidy any extra spaces like basement, laundry room

Friday: General upkeep and wash bedding and towels

-it’s always nice to start the weekend with clean bedding!

Saturday: General upkeep

Sunday: Vacuum/sweep and mop floors

-enjoy the rest of the week knowing your floors are clean!

Rather than spending one of your days off of work/school/life deep cleaning your home, make it a habit to do a little extra every day so you can enjoy your time with family, friends, or something you enjoy!

Do you still feel overwhelmed with all the cleaning projects even with a schedule? Call (815) 214-1443 or email Kleenrr ( to set up a free consultation to ease the burden of cleaning!

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