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End of Summer & Pests Considerations

As we are entering the beginning of August, we know summer will be ending next month. It’s important to start considering preparing for autumn and winter weather since it’s right around the corner! Soon vermin like mice, voles, and even rats may be looking for a warm place to stay, as well as cockroaches, spiders, and ants. While these pests can enter homes at any point during the year, there is an uptick of entry as the weather begins to cool. The pests will be looking for warm, secret spots and most can gain entry in cracks the size of the eraser on the end of a pencil, or smaller. Hiring a cleaning service can help minimize the impact of pests in your house. Not only will they help keep your home clean, but they can help you figure out the areas of your home that are the most susceptible to pest invasion. Below are some things you can do to prepare your home to be pest free as fall and winter months are soon to arrive.

Deep Clean Your Home

Vermin of all sorts love homes that are or have been relatively unkept. Debris continuously on floors, cobwebs gathering in corners, and items/boxes in disarray on floors can make ideal homes for many pests who love to hide. A cleaning service can help you keep on top of ensuring floors, surfaces, and even storage areas are kept clean. Like all living things, pests need access food, water, and shelter to thrive and survive. Food crumbs are enough to keep a population of roaches and mice surviving and multiplying in your home. Water droplets in the sink or counter is enough for pests. Shelter in crawl spaces, attics, less used spaces like basements, and storage areas are more than adequate homes for pests to settle in.

Reduce Entry to Home

It may feel overwhelming to think pests can enter into your home easily through the tiniest cracks. Checking your foundation is the first step to reducing entry into your home. Sometimes a professional is needed to inspect any cracks, but you may also be able to fill these cracks yourself. Also check your siding to see if this could be a potential access point. Make sure it is secure and inaccessible. Attached garages can also be an issue due to warping over time that creates entry points for vermin like mice and voles. Since they need such a small area to enter, if the garage door isn’t flush enough, they can push themselves through the corners. Galvanized hardware cloth or mesh has been a useful way to prevent entry for rodents. While a pest control company can be hired to help you find these entry points, a cleaning service too may be able to help in this matter. Cleaners can help reduce the desire for pests to want to enter your home.

Kleenrr LLC wants to help you keep your home and business pest-free. If you are interested in having your home or business professionally cleaned, please contact Kleenrr at (815) 214-1443 or email ( to set up a free consultation!

-Michelle Wilson

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