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Importance of Hiring a Bonded and Insured Cleaning Service

There are many cleaning services who may have a general business license, and even some individuals who operate under the table. When hiring a cleaning service for your home or business, you must ensure the company is properly bonded and insured to protect yourself and your business or home.

Janitorial Service Bond

A Janitorial Service Bond is purchased by the cleaning service to protect the business owner and the customer if an employee of the cleaning service performed a criminal or negligent action causing damages while cleaning at the customers’ home or business. The bond ensures the customer will be paid for the claim, damage, loss or theft if the employee is found guilty in criminal court.


Having insurance protects the cleaning service’s employees from incidents related to injury, property damages, and lawsuits. General liability insurance will protect third party (customers/clients) from risks of injuries or property damage, among other variable risks. Having insurance offers peace of mind for the company and client that if something were to happen, it would be handled properly through insurance.

It is important to note that companies who are properly bonded and insured have higher costs for these protections and is often reflected in their prices. When hiring a cleaning service to clean your home or business, there are risks that present themselves such as slippery floors, tripping on vacuum cords, fragile items potentially knocked over, and use of ladders. A service who is not bonded or insured may not be unable to pay for any injuries, damages, or theft that may occur while they are cleaning. This leaves the customer more susceptible to risk while they leave their trust with that cleaning service. To sum it up, bonds are mainly to protect the customer while insurance is to protect the cleaning business and employees.

Kleenrr LLC is a reputable company that values their customers and employees by proving to be bonded and insured. Call us today at (815) 214-1443 to set up a free consultation for us to tackle your home or business cleaning needs with peace of mind your home or business is protected.

-Michelle Wilson

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