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Minimalism and Cleanliness

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by cleaning your home? One of the most beneficial things you can do to help this issue is to minimize how much you have out throughout your home. Too many things/objects can cause chaos and even anxiety mentally for you and your family. It also means there is more to clean and clean around.

The first thing to do is focus on a room that is causing you the most stress. Laundry everywhere? Pots and pans lining the stovetop? Too many decorations? Focus there.

Go through your items and decide what you like the most or use the most. Store, donate, sell, or trash anything you no longer use or like as much. The items you display should be things you love and/or use often. If you’re unsure of whether or not to keep something, store it in a tote or box out of view. Revisit it in a few months to a year and decide whether you’ve missed it or not. Consider hosting a garage sale or sell things online through marketplace or eBay. Children’s toys can be a major anxiety causing factor, consider reducing the toys no longer played with or grown out of for other children to enjoy.

Once you’ve narrowed down the amount of items in a space, keep it limited! Minimalism doesn’t mean you don’t have anything out on display, but less. Having less can feel very freeing, reduce anxiety, make cleaning easier by cutting down how often an area needs to be cleaned.

When you’ve mastered one area, move on to the next area!

What to reduce in specific rooms:

Living Room

-Books (utilize eBooks, for instance Kindle)

-DVDs (switch to a streaming service like Vudu for movies you want to still own)

-Keep decor to themes you highly enjoy

-Sentimental items

-Children’s toys

-Shoes & jackets/coats if connected to main door


-Counter appliances

-Dishes/cups in respective places

-Mail (use an organized mail sorter)

-Pots and pans in respective places

-Coffee station



Dining Room

-Don’t let the kitchen table become a “catch all”!

-Decor and sentimental items

-Keep practical and useful items, but consider whether salt and pepper shakers are necessary!



-Decor and sentimental items

-Nightstand items





-Hygiene items

-Toiletry items





The “Catch All” Area

Create a small “catch all” area where you put items that need to go to their designated home. Sometimes this is children’s items, outdoor items, kitchen items, bathroom items, or all around random miscellaneous items that need to go to a designated place. By the end of the day or soon as you can, put these items back where they belong!

-Michelle Wilson

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