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Tips for Managing Pet Dander in Your Home

While we absolutely love our pets, they can leave our house smelling of animals with their hair and dander. It can accumulate quickly depending on the type of pet you have as well as the quantity of pets in your home. It is important to keep on top of the cleaning that comes with owning animals. Dander can stay in the home up to 6 months and can be tricky to clean. Below are some tips and tricks to help with the upkeep of your house and animals!

Cleaning HVAC System

Pet hair and dander can accumulate in your vents and continue to circulate through the home as your furnace or air conditioning runs. While you can hire a professional company to come out to clean out your vents, you can also do a few things yourself.

You can add a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter to your central heating and cooling system. Cover vents with a filtering cloth like cheesecloth to capture the dander, hair, and other allergens before it enters through the vent that will go through the rest of the house. Make sure to replace filters as often as they’re recommended to be changed and clean the cheesecloth in your vents.

Air Purifiers

Add air purifiers to the areas of the home that your pets spend the most time in. This will help capture the dander before it spreads elsewhere in your home. Use a HEPA filter in your purifier to make the biggest impact for air quality. The best areas to keep air purifiers in are the living room and bedrooms to maximize effects of thwarting pet dander.

Wash, Wash, Wash One of the most beneficial things you can do is to regularly wash pet bedding, blankets, and their toys. This will include using a carpet cleaner to wash any carpet areas in the home, as well as washing couch cushion covers, pillows, and blankets. Consider using a couch seat cover that you can easily and quickly wash. Couches tend to be the biggest culprit in holding onto animal smell and dander. You may consider discouraging pet from using couch and primarily using a pet bed instead.

Vacuum & Dust

While it’s important to vacuum and dust your home regularly, it also helps reduce pet dander. Spend ample time vacuuming any rugs that pets regularly use. Washable rugs are even easier to clean because you can easily wash them to remove any dander or smells. Non-washable rugs can be difficult to properly clean since carpet cleaners potentially can damage the rug. Vacuum couches and other upholstery in between washing.

Dusting surfaces and decor often also helps reduce dander and dust build up. An area that is often forgotten is ceiling fans that collect dust. Wipe down ceiling fan and wait until it dry before you allow it to circulate again. It also helps to wipe down walls, especially in corners where cobwebs form.

Kleenrr LLC’s recommendations above can help reduce pet dander allergies in your home. If you need help starting or keeping up with cleaning tasks, please contact Kleenrr at (815) 214-1443 or email ( to set up a consultation!


-Michelle Wilson

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