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Why Hire a Cleaning Service for Your Party or Event

It is BBQ season and time to celebrate the warm weather with friends and family! Hosting events at your home or business can be stressful even though you want to relax with your guests. You ensure there is enough food and cutlery for everyone all while wanting to have your home clean for your guests. A cleaning service can help you deep clean your home to not only make your home presentable for guests, but for these following reasons!

Time & Stress

The weekends are short enough as it is. Oftentimes you only have a little bit of your day left to clean, let alone well enough for guests to enjoy. Cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen for food prep, main area/living room, dining room, and any other areas is a heavy task that will amount into several hours of work. All this time spent cleaning may leave you feeling stressed by the time the party is to start! A cleaning service can take this large task off your hands, leaving you to focus on other things like food prep, decorating, and enjoying the weekend with your family.

Guest Appreciation and Compliments

Every person values cleanliness in some form or another. Presenting a thoroughly clean home to your guests will leave them with a lasting impression! People will often compliment how nice your home looks whether they are friends or family.

Lasting Effects

Even if your home is cleaned for a party or event, your home will still mostly be clean afterwards with just a little tidying. If it’s a larger event, you can always hire for post-party clean-ups! Rest assured your home will be clean and the rest of your weekend can be enjoyed by relaxing.

Do you have an upcoming party event at your home or business? Call (815) 214-1443 or email Kleenrr ( to set up a consultation! We can take this stress off your hands so you can thoroughly enjoy your party with your loved ones!

-Michelle Wilson

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