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Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Are you buying or selling a home?  Are you a tenant trying to make sure you secure your deposit by leaving a clean rental?  Or are you the landlord and you are in between tenants?  Well this cleaning will make everything   "move in" ready!

What you can expect with our Move In/Out service is the most detailed cleaning we provide.

  • Kitchen: With our move out/move in cleanings we deep clean the kitchen and clean the oven and the interior of the fridge.  We will also clean the interior of the cabinets as well as any windows there may be in the room.

  •   Bathrooms:  We start from the top dusting the wall and ceiling joints as well as the corners, followed by wiping down the light fixtures, towel bars.  Then we do a complete cleaning of mirrors, countertops, toilets, exterior cabinets and tubs/showers.  Lastly, we care for the floors by vacuuming/sweeping and mopping.

  • All Rooms:  In all rooms we do a complete cleaning from top to bottom of the room including dusting of all wall, corner and ceiling joints.  As well as complete dusting of all hard surfaces, baseboard cleaning, windowsills, ceiling fans, light switches/outlets and of course we finish every room with the care for whatever floor type that room has.

  • Custom:  We understand that every family is unique, and every home is different so if you have something we may not have mentioned that you would like done just ask and we will see if we can accommodate your request.

Moving House
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